One of the more serious artists in the UK.  Born in East London UK, grown in East Bronx New
York by a Jamaican mother The
Only D.2.1 is a melting pot of several musical influences.  
After spending time traveling around the states (LA. VA. FL.)  D
.2.1 has been settled in
London since 2004.  Honing his skills from north, south, east and west London as well as
touring all across the UK with his family of entrepreneurs D21 has carved a unique sound
and has shifted over 65,000 CDs across the country.  With performances from California to
Poland, we are not looking at a rookie but an unrecognized talent.  Frequently
for his unique American Jamaican English accent D21 has gathered good support from the
UK urban industry however movers and shakers in the scene has always supported and
respected his grind.  DealReal, Dark-N-Cold and other ukhiphop meccas is where u would
find him networking and rapping.  4th quarter 2014 D21 is retaliating with not 1 but 2 EPs
an 2 mixtapes.  This man wants it bad.  Prepare D.2.1 means determined to win.
email: D21@blackmobb.com
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