Plaeboi aka the bucktoothkid aka the black gypsy is a hip-hop artist from west london
who has been rapping since the age of 6 after the loss of his mother and father he
found music and writing as a form of expression from story writting to lyric writing and
Teenage years were tough for plaeboi as he never really got on well with his guardian
at the time, leaving home early and becoming unsettled moving from place to place,
he eventually moved to centerpoint Berwick Street, just off Oxford Street where he met
Fellow artist D21 who introduced him to Mike G.L.C who along with the supporting
artists and hustlers around him taught and showed plaeboi the mixtape grind.
Where he performed well as a salesman and well with freestyles on Oxford Street.
Which made Mike G.L.C and members of the blackmobb street team take an early
liking to him.
Plaeboi started recording at his local youth club Avenues Youth Club in west london
he took a serious attitude to recording and decided to seek private studio time and
moved his workforce to limitus studio where he put together his first mix cd RAPFILES
THE OFFLOAD he released it in 2007 distributing it wherever he could from using the
skills he learned.
There is no registered number of sales but its in the estimates that he sold over 100
thousand copies of his mix cd without any shops stocking or shelfing it.
Having a son a year later on in August 2008 music life slowed down and life and its
highs and lows took over.
Getting back to music in 2011 plaeboi returned to limitlus studio and got to work but
still had not release anything Until 2013 when he finally released He's just that guy his
current mix cd out now.