A single entity - DA’ TRUTH… the name says it all.
Two personas- Demon of Da’Truth… the ruthless and rugged representative of reality
Don Truth Khan … the calm subtle and intellectual component to the revolution.
Coming from a strong political background, and gaining experience from the various stages in his short life Da’Truth is
able to portray the struggle he and his movement represent.
Having started a 3 man group in secondary school, rhyming over beats made on a downloaded version of fruity loops.
To now standing shoulder 2 shoulder with some of the toughest veterans in the music game today, it is just a matter of
time before Truth breaks through in the industry on a mainstream level. With the support of the Blackmobb team and
EW Souljaz there is know doubt that it’s only a matter of time.
Having brought two mixtapes to the scene with his official group East West Souljaz, two solo mixtapes Da’Truth is now
ready to ‘let the dogs off the chain’ with his long awaited album ‘Spirit World’. I well rounded spectacle with something for
the guys, the ladies, the oppressed and the oppressor.
Also keep an eye out for Da’Truth’s First single out soon on TV… Blackmobb Anthem ft D21
And the clothing line Paper Boy
Coming Soon!!!!!